Brought to you by the makers of Volte, On The Bit is an old school simulated horse community with modern touches. On The Bit opened in June 2014 and offers partially automated features balanced with the classic forum-based play simmers have come to love. The defining feature that sets On The Bit apart is our Pathway system. No matter your goals or time commitment, On The Bit can offer you a fun and refreshing escape to let your horse-filled imagination run wild.

Unlike many modern sim games, On The Bit is not automated. Many aspects of our game depend on the forums and interacting with other players. This style of play is intentional and complemented by a small array of custom PHP solutions like a bank and horse registry to make playing smoother for those of us with limited time.

Today, games come and go quickly. On The Bit has a proven record of administrator involvement and an even stronger, dedicated member base who are active on an almost daily basis. We think On The Bit is the next generation in horse sims but don’t take our word for it. Hear what our members had to say…

“OTB is entirely unique from any other traditional game I’ve ever played! The way pathways are set up means that we must choose a speciality, learn it, and make a name for ourselves in the community. Everyone has as many opportunities to advance and get involved as they want, and there’s room for every niche on the shelf.”
“On the Bit has a unique gameplay that really encourages players to be active and creative. The community is one of the best I have been apart of in all my years of playing in sims; Everyone is extremely welcoming and helpful. If you are looking for a different kind of gameplay, a great community and active admins, On the Bit is your game.”
“A member since day one, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the game in all aspects. Friendly staff, active members, and unique concepts are the ingredients for a successful game and OTB has oodles of all three. Staff and members alike foster individuality and success, associations and businesses are plentiful and active, and you find no cliquey attitudes on the forums. The game promotes activity to realistically advance horses and show scenes are still small enough for a new member not to get swallowed up by giant barns. Members are encouraged to expand their farms while the realistic aspects promote learning to effectively budget to balance care with showing.

Going back to great OTB staff, I applaud their ability to fairly listen to their members’ questions, concerns, and suggestions to make the game run more smoothly and stay modern. Changes are thoroughly thought through and discussed before implementing site wide.

I’ve been simming for well over a decade now and by far I’m the most excited by the longevity prospects of OTB! Great people and a great game, what more could you want? Five out of five gold stars from this happy member!”