What is a sim horse game? What is On the Bit?

A sim game is, at its most basic definition, a simulation game, made to take on the characteristics of that which it is simulating. On the Bit is a horse sim game, meaning the focus of our simulation is on owning, showing, breeding, and training horses as well as managing a stable! This is done through forums, automated solutions, and member organization.

What makes it different? Why should I choose On the Bit?

On the Bit is partially automated and member driven! We rely on the community for discussion, improvement, and help to preserve both the fun and longevity of the game. Because of this, the face of OTB is always changing, and always looking to innovate and reimagine.

On the Bit has unique features, such as:

Game Guides

These useful guides help ease the transition into the game and are a great source and reference point for how things are done onsite. When in doubt, guide it out!.

Player Pathways

Our pathways each have their own unique bonuses and levels, as well as places within the community. This helps add balance to our game and helps everyone find their niche. These pathways are; Breeder, Trainer, and Entrepreneur.


Ever read Harry Potter? Think of the the Houses but on horseback, armed with a crop instead of a wand. Each team has a secret forum only accessible to those on their team.

The Games

Every year OTB hosts our own team based version of the Olympics, and horses compete in qualifying events throughout the entire year!

Data-based Decisions

Popular breeds are more expensive to create, grants can be acquired from the Humane Society, and breeding has some limitations but is encouraged! All of this helps contribute to our balanced economy.

Horse Statuses

These statuses allow the player to filter their competitors by who is active and who is not, and can be changed at any time. Go on hiatus without worry!

Breed Advocacy Groups

These are miniature associations to promote breeds without the restrictions of a regular association. (i.e, show hosting requirements.)

Tagged Disciplines

This allows for easy filtering and entering of shows in the old school way.




This is not to forget our standard sim features, such as:

  • Custom SQL/PHP horse registry and bank.
  • A diverse list of breeds and disciplines.
  • A member-run lottery each month.
  • Randomized, optional, surprises and disasters!
  • Optional roleplaying forums, for those who like to write their own stories.
  • An extensive library of member authored articles on game aspects and more.
  • An active calendar of shows and races run by members.
  • A healthy economy of sales and breeding, as well as impact from associations and member-run stores for all your tack, feed, and veterinary needs.
But we’re missing one thing…