Figbottom is located on 101 acres of bluegrass in "lake-cinton" (that's Lexington for those of you not from Eastern Kentucky). Our primary focus is Fjords for dressage with a healthy smattering of misfits.

We have 89 stalls (9 foaling), 7 indoor grooming and wash stalls (1 with heat lamps), additional outdoor wash stalls and our own breeding lab. The premises is home to seven arenas and a complete cross country course. We have ample run-ins and compost as much waste as possible. Riders often hack around our large natural lake (wine rides okay for 21+).

In addition to our active horses below, we own the largest breeding herd of Fjords in On The Bit, including the retired stallion, Orion whom Aria still hacks. We have 12 pensioned Fjords available for breeding as well as Grand Prix Warmblood mares and surrogates for your breeding goals. Contact Aria on the forum to breed the foal of your dreams in the heart of the bluegrass.

Home of the TREC Club

Figbottom Dressage

★ is gamebred.

Aquarius2012stallionbrown dun14.1Fjordprix st. georges
Austri2015marebrown dun14.2Fjordfirst level
Aylwen2010mareblack13.2Fellsecond level
Beaugatti2012stallionchestnut17.0Hanoverianthird level
Belisario2010stalliongrey15.1Hispano-Arabetraining level
Bertie Bott2016stallionpiebald14.0Irish Cobtraining level
Brennus2009stallionblack13.3Fellsecond level
Chocolate Frog2013geldingpiebald13.3Irish Cobthird level
Cinderking2010stallionred blagdon14.2Irish Cobfirst level
Foxwood Promise Me2009marebay16.0Cleveland Bayfourth level
Gunnar2013geldingbrown dun14.2Fjordthird level
Hamilton2006stallionbay14.2GRPthird level
Ivar2009stalliongrey dun14.2Fjordprix st. georges
Jotunheim2010stallionbrown dun14.0Fjordprix st. georges CDI 1*
Keijo2014stallionbrown dun14.0Fjordsecond level
Libra2013marebrown dun14.0Fjordthird level
Metropolitan2014stallionchestnut16.0Saddlebredtraining level
Nightwitch2010mareblack14.1Irish Cobsecond level
Pisces2014maregrey dun14.0Fjordfirst level
Puck2014stallionchestnut14.2Haflingerfirst level
Rögnvaldr2011stallionbrown dun14.2Fjordsecond level
Sjöfn2013marebrown dun14.0Fjordthird level
Sunniva2014marered dun14.1Fjordintroductory
Yrsa2013marewhite dun14.0Fjordprix st. georges CDI1*

Figbottom On Wheels

★ is gamebred.

Caislean Britta2011marebay piebald14.1IrishPreliminary (PDC)
Idyllwild Bombadil2014stallionbay14.2Welsh Section DAdvanced
Idyllwild Galadriel2014marepalomino14.2Welsh Section DAdvanced
Ivermorny2010geldinggrey dun14.1FjordAdvanced
Isolt2011marewhite dun14.1FjordAdvanced
Paradise2011marefew spot16.0KnabstrupperAdvanced

Figbottom Eventing

Breakfast in Bed 🥓2013marered roan14.2POANovice
Cinderlace 2011marechestnut16.0ThoroughbredTraining
Dead Poets2015stallionblack16.2ThoroughbredBeginner Novice
Inferna 🔥2010marechestnut16.2ThoroughbredAdvanced
Petit Noir 2011mareblack15.3ThoroughbredTraining
Pantone 2013stallionbay overo16.0ThoroughbredBeginner Novice
Vashta Nerada 2009mareblack16.2ThoroughbredAdanced

Fast & Figbottom

★ is gamebred.

Amrita2012marepalomino15.3Marwari15 miles
Arjun2014stallionblack sabino15.3MarwariTREC L1
Balaravi2010stalliongrey15.3Marwari15 miles
Candyfloss2012maregrey15.0MFTTREC L1
Farrow Firefly2013maregrey13.2FellTREC L1
Jólnir2014stallionbrown dun14.2FjordTREC L2
Mohana2014marechestnut15.3MarwariTREC L1
Navi2005stalliongrey15.3MarwariTREC L3
Pukwudgie2015marewhite dun14.0FjordTREC L1
Saffiya2015marebay15.0Marwari15 miles
Sandhya2011maredun sabino15.3MarwariTREC L1
Sarabi2007marechestnut15.2Marwari100 miles
Wayrra2014maregrey14.3Marwari50 miles

We Feed Ponies & Stuff

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This is a fake barn full of fake ponies for On The Bit.
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