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Quick Start Guide | Members | Establishments | Horses | Training & Competing | Disciplines
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By Aria the Admin

Quick Start Guide For New Members

:bookmark_tabs: TABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. First Thing
  2. Finding a Boarding Barn
  3. Finding Your First Horse
  4. :link: Horses: Care of Horses
  5. :link: Training & Competing: Training
  6. :link: Training & Competing: Entering Events
  7. :link: Training & Competing: Results
  8. Other Record Keeping
  9. Making Money
  10. Choosing a Pathway
  11. How to Get More Help
:link: The link icon denotes a hyperlink that will direct you away from this Game Guide. If you don't want to lose your place, you may want to open these in a new tab.
:notepad_empty: The following guide applies only to members who have received their welcome email in response to an application.
If you have applied to join but not received a response within 48 hours, please email [email protected].
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By Aria the Admin

First Thing

An introduction for potential members

Hello, stranger! Check out our :link: main site for information on joining! Feel free to check out the Guides and see if we're worth it. Just keep in mind that we'll need you to fill out the application and be approved before you can play.

An introduction for new members

You’ve received your proverbial Hogwarts letter - you are a member of On The Bit… now what? The absolute first thing you must do is register for an account on the game Forums. If you’re reading this, the good news is that you’re already in the right place.

You should register on the forum with the first name you applied with - your username is also your display name. Your account will be approved by an Administrator, normally within 24 hours.

Once your account is approved, you should login and post your introduction in the :link: “Introduce Yourself!” subforum.
At this point, we strongly encourage new members to look around the Forums - there is a lot to see! Here are some highlights if you’re short on time:
  • :link: Player News- where members announce new arrivals, achievements and specials at their businesses
    :link: Member Lounge - where members host game-related discussion; you can find the library, establishment approval, suffixes and prefixes, roleplaying and exams here
    :link: OOG Chit Chat - the lounge of sorts for all topics around real life; remember, conversation and language must be kept PG
    :link: Sales Classifieds - peruse current sales but, even more valuably, see how the market is doing by looking at which breeds are doing well and which breeds aren’t
    :link: Upcoming Events - check out events currently accepting entries; use the color-coded tagging system to filter by your interests
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By Aria the Admin

Finding a Boarding Barn

Before you start acquiring your first horses, you should scope out your future boarding arrangements. It is polite to Private Message the barn owner in advance to determine if they have space for your future herd. You'll have to board until you advance far enough into your pathway to open a stable of your own!

If you're having a hard time deciding between the boarding barns, don't! Split your herd among board barns however you wish.
You can see a complete list of boarding barn websites one the :link: Establishments page.
You can see where Entrepreneurs detail their services offered in the :link: Boarding Barn Showcase.
After you have made boarding arrangements, you should open your own thread in Boarding Agreements and tag the barn owner. It is the boarder’s responsibility to post this thread and the boarding barn owner’s responsibility to approve it. For detailed instructions, see :link: How to Post a Boarding Agreement.

For more information on boarding and shelter requirements such as stall versus pasture board, see :link: Horses: Care of Horses.
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By Aria the Admin

Finding Your First Horse

All members have six ways to gain a horse: creating, breeding, adopting, fostering, buying and leasing. Weighing the benefits and limitations of each is instructive before you set off on a creation spree.
It may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with credits by checking out :link: Members: Credits before proceeding.


All new members start off with 5 creation credits, which are used to create (and breed) horses. Creating one horse can cost between 1 and 4 creation credits.

Benefits of creating include:

  • You can decide all of your horse’s stats, from name to color and bloodlines, and you will be listed as the breeder. For more information about what being the breeder means, see :link: Horses: Buybacks & Co-ownership.

Limitations of creating include:

  • Creation credits cost $2,500 each, so spend them wisely!
    A newly created horse must start at the bottom level of its chosen discipline.
    A newly created horse must also see the vet and farrier before competing. For more information on horse care, see :link: Horses: Care of Horses.


In many cases, it is wise to see if established members would be willing to help breed your first horse(s). Breeding a horse costs 1 creation credit to whomever requests the foal using the :link: Request Breeding form. The requestor also uses one of their Breeding spots per foal.

For more information about breeding, see :link: Horses: Breeding.

Benefits of breeding include:

  • Proliferation of gamebred bloodlines.
    Supports the game’s economy by supporting breeders.
    Helps save your creation credits if you’re interested in a more popular breed.

Limitations of breeding include:

  • Gestation period of 2 weeks.
    Bred horses are all born untrained (and training takes an additional 2 weeks).
    1 creation credit cost to the requestor
    1 breeding spot cost to the requestor
    Finding (and paying) a Breeder to sponsor your breeding.
    A newly bred horse must still see the vet and farrier after they are born.


Any member may adopt a horse from the Humane Society, up to 5 horses per calendar month. For more information on the Humane Society, see :link: Horses: Humane Society.

Benefits of adopting include:

  • Adopted horses are covered for the vet and farrier for one year from their adoption date. Make note of this in your records for Check Ins! For more information about Check Ins, see :link: Members: Check Ins.
    Many adopted horses have lengthy show records from their previous owner. To learn more about show records, see :link: Training & Competing: Results.
    Supports the game’s economy by rehoming horses.
    Helps save your creation credits if you’re interested in a more popular breed.
    Achievement levels are available for adopting. For more information on Achievements, see :link: Members: Achievements.

Limitations of adopting include:

  • You cannot change an adopted horse’s name. The only exception is a created horse who has never been shown. For more information on horse naming, see :link: Horses: Naming.
    Cost of 1 adoption “credit” to the new owner. You may adopt up to 5 horses each calendar month.


If you’re not ready to adopt, fostering may be appealing. Any member or approved association may foster a horse from the Humane Society. All fosters last for 8 weeks. During that period, the horse is placed into your name. At the end of 8 weeks, the horse will be placed back into the Humane Society and you may choose to adopt them.

For more information on the Humane Society, see :link: Horses: Humane Society.

Benefits of fostering:

  • Fostering is free.
    There is no limit on the number of horses you may foster.
    Fostering is a low risk commitment of only 8 weeks.
    You do not have to supply vet or farrier care during your foster.
    Supports the game’s economy by giving horses a second chance.

Limitations of fostering:

  • You cannot breed, retrain or alter a fostered horse in any way.


Buying your first horse(s) will not cost you any credits, just the price you pay to the seller. To see horses which are currently being offered for sale, see the :link: Sale Classifieds subforum or use :link: the search feature on the :link: Horses page to list horses available for sale through the main site. Alternatively you may post your own Wanted ad in the :link: Wanted Ads subforum.

Benefits of buying:

  • Supports the game’s economy by supporting sellers.
    Helps save your creation credits, especially if you’re interested in a more popular breed.
    Horse may have a show record. To learn more about show records, see :link: Training & Competing: Results.
    Purchased horses will likely have already seen the vet and farrier. Be sure to ask for your records.
    Some horses are also sold with their tack, so keep an eye out.

Limitations of buying:

  • You will be limited to what other members are willing to sell.
    Horses you buy cannot be renamed or have their stats changed.
    You will be spending your cash, which is also precious.
    Some sellers will not have an up-to-date show record which means you will have to collect it yourself. To learn more about show records, see :link: Training & Competing: Results.


Leasing is a low risk option for members who aren’t sure they want to dive in head-first. A lease is a temporary arrangement between the horse’s owner and you, the lessee. The terms of the lease are between the owner and lessee and should be laid out to include the cost of the lease, if any, as well as who covers what (feed, board, tack, etc). This is not governed by the game and should be handled privately.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Supports the game’s economy by supporting the existing gene pool.
    Helps save your creation credits, especially if you’re interested in a more popular breed.
    Ability to show in a discipline without being committed long term.

Limitations of leasing:

  • Most leases do not allow breeding. Again, the terms of the lease are between the owner and lessee.
    Leasing is temporary. If you become attached to the horse, the owner may not necessarily want to sell.
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By Aria the Admin

Other Record Keeping

On The Bit tracks a lot of things for you while leaving some things to manual labor to preserve the spirit of the old school sim horse game from the 1990’s.

There are Check Ins where you will need to reply in a given time frame with links to various records. The requirements for these records can be found in :link: Horses: Care of Horses. You should keep written record of the applicable records for your horses in a public document (we recommend Google Sheets or Docs), though we do not require a specific template. To give you an idea, peruse records posted to :link: Past Check Ins. For more information on Check ins, see :link: Members: Check Ins.


:link: The Bank will automatically track all of the checks you manually send and receive. You will need to deposit checks sent to you and you have the option to cancel pending checks before the recipient has deposited them.


All of your creation (and adoption) credits are tracked in the :link: Member Database.

In the Bank you may buy and sell creation credits to and from the bank and can transfer creation credits to another member.


Members should track their Achievements manually. While optional, they are a great way to earn extra money. To learn more about Achievements, see :link: Members: Achievements.
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By Aria the Admin

Making Money

Members will find it’s not easy to make ends meet. This is by design - we want you to have to think critically about how you spend your money and investing in the game to make more. It’s hard on the wallet when you first join a game, with all of those oh-so-shiny horses plastered all over the :link: Sale Classifieds subforum... it’s challenging to appease your inner sim-hoarder! Here are a few ideas to help line your pocket as you get established in the game.


Achievements are participation-based rewards for game-related activities across many interests and specialties called castes. Achievements are tracked manually by each member. We recommend a GoogleDoc or GoogleSheet which can be shared for easy verification of rewards. Achievements are worth cash based on the level of the caste completed.

For more information about Achievements, see :link: Members: Achievements.

Record Collecting

Collecting show records is tedious, which is why busy owners pay handsomely (in the thousands of dollars) for this service. This is a fantastic way for new members to make some extra cash. Check the Wanted subforum to see if anyone has an open thread for record collection. Perusing old requests is a good way to determine what the going market value is.

Hosting Shows

Hosting is another great way to make money that essentially only costs your time. New members are encouraged to host shows after they check the Calendar. Shows do not require prize money, though you may find entries scarce if you offer nothing but charge massive entry fees. There is no limit to the number of shows you may host although be warned against burning yourself out. Moreover, it is strongly encouraged that you use an established classlist - especially from an association - to host your first events. You should Private Message a show host to ask for permission first if you want to borrow their classlist. You will find that most are happy to share.

For more information on hosting, see :link: Training & Competing: Hosting Events.

Opening a Business

All members are encouraged to open a new business, especially if you see a specific need in the community not being met. New members can open a business immediately if wanted, but we do encourage you to do a bit of market research first to ensure that your efforts aren’t in vain. Once you have completed the website, you must post it for approval before it can be officially opened. Business owners may pay themselves a salary although their business will start out with $0 in the bank. Note: Only Entrepreneurs may own more than one business at a time.

For more information on businesses and getting yours approved, see :link: the Establishments Guide.

Offering Services

If you don’t want to commit to opening a business, you are more than welcome to advertise your services in the :link: Sale Classifieds subforum. Have a talent for making graphics? Post an ad! You can make spiffy websites quickly? Post an ad! If you are offering services, it is always a good idea to post examples of your work to boost your “resume”.

Selling Credits

Sell any unwanted creation credits you have for a little extra cash. You may not sell adoption or breeding credits.
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By Aria the Admin

Choosing a Pathway

All new members start without a Pathway, or "Undecided". After 30 days, you may choose between Breeder, Trainer and Entrepreneur. When you choose your Pathway is up to you - there is no maximum time limit before deciding. You may choose a second Pathway after 6 months at the Elite stage of your first Pathway. You will not receive credits or money when advancing on your additional pathway, just the benefits (i.e., exams, L&L discount, Achievements).
For more information on the requirements necessary to select and advance your Pathway, check out :link: Members: Pathways.
One of the first things to remember is that you do not have to be an expert in real-life about breeding or training to become a Breeder or Trainer in On The Bit. In fact, if something strikes your fancy that you know nothing about, we would strongly encourage you to pursue it.

Additionally, all Pathways allow members to eventually own as many horses and barns as they want at the Elite stage. The only caveat is that only Entrepreneurs may offer boarding.


Before looking at the benefits and limitations of each Pathway, consider the idea of a partnership. No matter which Pathway you decide on, you will still require services from members of a different Pathway. We strongly recommend forming professional partnerships. In a partnership, you and another member will come to a completely independent agreement to “trade” services or benefits.

For example, a trainer might greatly benefit from a partnership with a breeder: the trainer could trade services for the bred horses of the breeder while the breeder could sponsor the trainer’s breeding plans.

Changing Pathways

You can change Pathways although it is not cheap. For more information on Pathways and how to change, see :link: Members: Pathways.

Why Choose the Breeder Pathway?

If you want to focus on a long line of horses bred by you - some of which you may want to sell to earn money - then consider the Breeder Pathway. All breedings require a sponsor (which you can read more about in :link: Horses: Breeding), and after you pass your Breeder exam you may sponsor your own breedings and offer your services to other members.

Stage II Breeders may sit their exam. Once they've passed they may open 1 private barn and sponsor breedings.
Elite Breeders may open additional private barns.

Breeders that have reached the Elite Stage will have earned a total of $155,000 and 12 credits from advancing.

Why Choose the Entrepreneur Pathway?

Entrepreneurs get to open their barns sooner and may host boarders. Additionally, they may own more than one business and get an exclusive 50% discount at Land & Lumber.

Stage I Entrepreneurs may open 1 private barn, get 50% off at Land & Lumber, and are exempt from paying taxes.
Stage II Entrepreneurs may change their private barn into a boarding barn.
Elite Entrepreneurs may open additional private barns.

Entrepreneurs that have reached the Elite Stage will have earned a total of $225,000 and 5 credits from advancing.

Why Choose the Trainer Pathway?

Horses will need a trainer to be trained (which you can read more about in :link: Training & Competing: Training). After passing your Trainer exam, you can train your own horses and offer your services to other members.

Stage II Trainers may sit the exam for their first discipline. Once they've passed they may open 1 private barn and train horses in their discipline.
Stage III Trainers may sit the exam for their second discipline. One they've passed they may train horses in their second discipline.
Elite Trainers may open additional private barns.

Trainers that have reached the Elite Stage will have earned a total of $120,000 and 5 credits from advancing.
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By Aria the Admin

How to Get More Help

If you never ask, you’ll never know. Don’t let your excitement for On The Bit fizzle because you’re afraid to ask a question that seems obvious or unusual. If you’ve finished this guide and still have questions, check out the other Games Games. If you still can’t find an answer, follow these steps:
  • :one: Search the forum to see if someone else has already asked that same question. Try using keywords related to what you’re curious about.

    :two: If it hasn’t been asked, start a new thread in the :link: Member Lounge. Really - all members are rabies-free and will not bite. In fact, the more you post, the more we know you care about On The Bit and the more we can welcome you as “one of us.”

    :three: If your question is about changing something in the game, please Private Message :link: Aria, :link: Erika, or :link: Vicki rather than post your idea straight away. They would be happy to hear you out and may encourage you to post your idea.
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