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By Aria the Admin

Pleasure Driving

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:anchor: All classes in this discipline are considered strenuous.
:seedling: denotes levels that a newly created or retrained horse may compete at


:seedling: Training≥ 3 years old
Preliminary≥ 3 years old
Intermediate≥ 4 years old
Advanced≥ 4 years old

Pleasure Drives

◈ Pleasure Drive - Turnout
◈ Pleasure Drive - Timed
◈ Pleasure Drive - Pace

Novelty Classes

◈ Freestyle Reinsmanship
◈ Gentlemen to Drive
◈ Ladies to Drive
◈ Carriage Dog
◈ Picnic Class
◈ Concours d'Elegance (sometimes not a class but an award)

Obstacle Classes

◈ Scurry Obstacles
◈ Town and Country Obstacles
◈ Double Jeopardy Obstacles
◈ Reverse Psychology Obstacles
◈ Pick Your Route Obstacles
◈ Your Route, My Route Obstacles
◈ Fault and Out Obstacles
◈ Progressive Obstacles
◈ Gambler's Choice Obstacles
◈ Cross Country Obstacles
◈ Fault Obstacles

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