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Rules | Disciplines
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By Aria the Admin
:bust_in_silhouette: Members
  • Members must be at least 16 years old to play On The Bit. Once accepted, please post an introduction on the forums.
  • Members start with $100,000 and 5 creation credits; you may buy or sell credits in the bank.
  • Members should plan to complete a simple check-in twice yearly to remain in the game.
    • You may leave or quit and rejoin up to three times.
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By Aria the Admin
:horse: Horses
Creation and Breeding
  • Horses need a unique name: please don't name after a real famous horse, farm (ie. "Z" for Zangersheide) or brand name.
    • Names cannot be changed after they have been shown or bred.
  • Horses age on January 1; owners my speed age them at any time.
  • Created horses may optionally use a real-life pedigree; please do not use bloodlines from other sim games.
  • Crossbreeding is allowed but only resulting in breeds already on the dropdown.
    • Warmblood A x Warmblood B = either Warmblood A or B
    • Warmblood x Thoroughbred = Warmblood
    • Paint Horse x Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse = Paint Horse
    • Warmblood x Welsh = German Riding Pony
  • Members receive 10 breeding "slots" per calendar year.
    • The member requesting a breeding is the owner at birth; they are recorded as the foal’s breeder. They are charged one breeding slot and one creation credit.
    • Breeding slots may not be bought or sold and reset automatically on the 1st of each year.
  • Horses must be 3 years old to be bred; mares may have one foal per birth year.
    • The gestation period is 2 weeks and mares not not compete while pregnant.
  • Surrogates for mares and straws for geldings are allowed.
  • On The Bit does not allow importing or exporting horses from other sims.
Ownership and Care
  • The horse's breeder has buybacks but they are only a courtesy and not strictly enforceable.
  • Horses may be one of four statuses:
    • Active: May show or breed
    • Untrained: May show in-hand and may breed
    • Pensioned: Can only breed
    • Retired: Cannot show or breed
  • Members may own a maximum of 75 horses (excluding pensioned and retired).
  • Horses who are active or untrained need a stall, regular veterinary and farrier care as well as feed and tack.
    • Horses should see the vet once every 6 months.
    • Horses should see the farrier once every 2 months.
    • Horses should have at least a saddle and bridle.
    • Either the owner or boarding barn should supply feed.
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By Aria the Admin
:heart_decoration: Humane Society
  • Members receive 5 adoption "slots" per month; these may not be bought or sold and reset automatically on the 1st of each month.
  • Members may adopt or surrender horses to the Humane Society at any time.
    • When adopting or surrendering, please donate $1,000/horse to the Humane Society.
  • If a member leaves or quits, their horses are sent to the Humane Society; we try to check buybacks when possible.
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By Aria the Admin
:trophy: Showing
  • Horses may only compete in one discipline at a time.
  • Horses must rest 5 days in between shows with up to 6 classes per show day [max 4 strenuous].
  • Horses must retire from showing by age 18.
  • With the exception of hunters, horses should earn a total of ten placements - first, second or third - to advance to the next level.
    • Overall phases (ie. eventing, combined driving) do not count towards advancement but do count towards points.
  • Advancement is not required unless specified by the show host in division descriptions (ie. hunters in their first year).

    Horses earn points from shows after January 1, 2019; points are also awarded for overall phases.

    1st30 points
    2nd27 points
    3rd24 points
    4th21 points
    5th18 points
    6th15 points

    500 pointsChampion Ch.
    1,000 pointsGrand Champion GCh.
    2,000 pointsNational Champion NCh.
    5,000 pointsContinental Champion CCh.
    7,000 pointsWorld Champion WCh.
    10,000 pointsUniversal Champion UCh.
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By Aria the Admin
:house: Establishments
Barns and Businesses
  • Members must wait 30 days to open their own stable. After that time, please PM Aria if you would like a subforum.
  • If using anything but a subforum for your barn, please include a disclaimer and a way to contact you.
  • Barns should have adequate facilities for their horses and shows.
    • You need one stall per horse you own or board (excluding pensioned and retired).
    • Stalls are note required for horses only visiting for a show but you will need the appropriate arenas.
  • Barns may be located anywhere in the world; please PM Aria the location and link so it can be added to the establishments page.
  • Members may open a business anytime; businesses must have a website with a link to order records.
    • Businesses start with a $0 balance.
  • To open an association, please PM Aria before making announcements or hosting shows.
  • Associations earn credits the same as members and may buy, sell, and adopt horses on the main site as well as show them on the forum.
    • Associations start with $50,000.
    Associations may be one of three types:
    • Breed and Type Association: promotes a breed or type (ie. Arabian Horse Association), may host shows to complement those of discipline associations
    • Discipline Association: promotes a discipline (ie. Eventing Federation), may host shows of its own discipline, leaderboard encouraged
    • Breed and Type Advocacy Group: promotes a breed or type (ie. American Breed Society), may only sponsor shows hosted by other members, focus on publicity and programs for its participants
  • Associations are expected to regularly host shows unless they are a breed and type advocacy group.
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