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Roleplay-related character profiles.
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By Bexley
the people and paws behind Sullivan & Green Sporthorses

The Sullivan Family - Amy Sullivan // co-owner
Bram Stoker
The Sullivan Family is one half of the partnership that owns Sullivan & Green Sporthorses. More specifically, the "Sullivan half" of the partnership is primarily a woman named Amy Sullivan (30). The Sullivans are well-known in and around Goodland, if not all of Northwestern Kansas, for their banking endeavors. As a kid and even a teen, Amy was very outdoorsy; she loved to hunt, fish, and be out in nature, usually with her best friend Justin Green. The two were joined at the hip. It was actually Justin who got her into riding horses. Western at first, mostly trail riding, but as the horse bug further sunk in, she turned to the hunters. She even rode during college, but once she graduated and took a position in the family business, she drifted away from the equestrian lifestyle. At least until Justin Green walked into the Goodland bank with a rather interesting "business endeavor"... which turned into Sullivan & Green Sporthorses. While Amy makes up the majority ownership stake on the Sully side, a few other Sullivans decided to take part, as well. Amy can occasionally be found embracing her hunter roots in the AO ring.

The Green Family - Justin Green // co-owner
The Green family, longtime friends of the Sullivan family (legend has it that Great Grandpa Green [say that five times fast] worked Great Grandpa Sully out of jail time in the courtroom) made a comfortable lifestyle for themselves in the realm of law. In other words, they've been chasing ambulances (and representing the wronged) for generations. The only one to break the mold, until Justin Green (30) came along, was the aforementioned Green's uncle, who went into construction. Then Justin Green did come around, shattering the lawyer mold completely. As a kid and teen, he was quite the outdoorsman, rarely spending his free time inside. Being good friends with the Richmond brothers, the sons of the most successful farmers in the area, he often found himself on the back of a horse, albeit in a western saddle. He even got his best friend Amy Sullivan into riding, though the turncoat did switch to English riding after a little while. Amy was (and still is) a very convincing person, but Justin still calls it a miracle that she managed to talk him into slapping an English saddle on his pudgy trail Quarter Horse. That led into a brief jumping career cut short by him landing a spot on the varsity football team. That spot led to a college scholarship. Four years on KCU's football team as a running back didn't lead to a pro career, but it did lead to him discovering his desire to be a sportscaster... ESPN was calling, but in the end he wound up coming back to Goodland to be near his family, a decision that brought him and several family members into a partnership for English horse sport of all things thanks to a connection with Amy Sullivan that has the majority of the S&G team gossiping about how they're "totally in a secret relationship". Justin has yet to show interest in stepping into the AO ring, but he is considered the head of the entire operation, being the one to show up around the barn the most often... and with the most checks.

Bexley Tucker // manager, head jumper trainer
Loomis, Paranoid, Ghostly Blitz

Jordan Decker // manager, head hunter trainer
Pamela, Phantom Wind

Laura "Coco" Hershey - head eventing trainer
Bumblebee, Imhotep, Fading To Black

Elizabeth Wallace - head dressage trainer
New Bern, Opera

Patty Callaghan - pro jumper
Lioncourt, Lisinski

Brittany Locklear - pro hunter
Wallflower SE

Ian Granger - pro eventer
Miss Dark Betty, Danube, Mistletoe

Lily Westrop - junior hunter
Phantom Wind

Jenn Westrop - junior jumper

Connie Ackerman - junior eventer
Lights On Low, The Serpent Dance

Grace Sullivan - children's hunter

Amber Green - children's jumper
Beyta Z

Sushi Tucker - head houndcho
An energetic, happy go lucky tan Shiba Inu, Sushi is Bexley's (not so) loyal dog. Not so? He'll hop in the car with anybody who gives him a treat or a scratch behind his foxy ears and, well, he could benefit from using those ears to listen to her better. He is the official houndcho (honcho but furrier) of S&G and the bane of Jordan Decker's existence.
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