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Quick Start Guide | Members | Establishments | Horses | Training & Competing | Disciplines
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By Aria the Admin

Establishment Definitions

There are three primary types of establishments: barns, businesses, and associations.


There are two types of barns in On The Bit: private and boarding. Private barns can only house the barn owner’s horses whereas boarding barns can house anyone’s horses, typically for a fee. Barns owned by trainers will stable horses during their two week training periods. Barns owned by breeders will stable mares during their gestation period and subsequent foaling.


A business is defined as a member-owned establishment which sells goods or services in the game.


An association is defined as a member-owned governing body for a breed, type of equine or discipline to “champion” their focus in the game by providing structure, regular events, as well as promotion and recognition of their participants. Associations play a major role in the activity and overall health of the On The Bit economy.

Associations earn credits the same as members and may buy, sell, and adopt horses on the main site as well as show them on the forum.

There are three types of association in On The Bit: breed & type association, discipline association, and breed & type advocacy group.

Breed & Type Association

This type of association is focused around promotion a specific breed or type of horse (ie. Arabian Horse Association, Colored Horse Alliance, etc). Oftentimes these organization host multi-discipline events that are “closed” to non-members. These organizations are encouraged to partner with discipline-based associations for cross-promotion. They should specifically seek to complement show schedules rather than host breed shows that conflict with regular performance events.

Discipline Association

This type of association is focused around the governance and promotion of a specific discipline or group of disciplines (ie. Carriage & Parade Council, Reining Horse Association). These organizations should only host events that include their disciplines, although they may choose to partner with other associations for cross-promotions (such as a Retired Racehorse program between the Thoroughbred Racing Association and sport horse associations). While not required, it is encouraged for discipline associations to maintain some type of leaderboard(s).

Breed & Type Advocacy Group

An advocacy group is not an association in that it does not have to have memberships and it cannot host its own events. Advocacy groups exist to promote a breed or type of horse and oftentimes provide incentive programs and awards (eg. through a point system). These groups should be focused on PR and exposure for their focus and are expected to work and partner with existing associations to create programs for their breed/type. Although they may not host their own shows or races, they are encouraged to sponsor events hosted by existing associations and members not apart of their staff.
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By Aria the Admin

Requirements & Limitations

Necessary Information

All webpages associated with OTB must have a disclaimer with a link back to the On the Bit main site and there must be a way to contact you outside of the game either by email address in the disclaimer or a contact webform. Additionally, barns must have a list of facilities purchased from Land & Lumber. We also strongly recommend complete image credits, however we only strictly require a disclaimer and means of contact. On the Bit is not responsible for the material published on affiliated websites, including but not limited to establishments.

Getting Approved

All establishments must be posted for peer approval on the forums. To post your establishment for approval when the website is complete, create a new thread with a poll (vote "yes" or "no") in the Establishment sub-forum using the form in the :link: How to Post Establishments for Approval thread. You will have one week to get 10 "yes" votes and then an Admin will pop in for the official approval. Once approved, an Admin will add your establishment to the list and send you any bank account information, if applicable. If you do not obtain enough "yes" votes in a week, you may resubmit for approval in a month.


Players may open barns when they reach the appropriate stage in their Pathway and purchase facilities from Land & Lumber. Only Entrepreneurs can own boarding barns. For more information on Pathways, see :link: Members: Pathways.
  • Breeders may open a private barn in Stage 2 after passing their breeders exam.
    Trainers may open a private barn in Stage 2 after passing their trainers exam.
    Entrepreneurs may open a private barn in Stage 1.
All barns must have facilities purchased from Land & Lumber (before posting for approval). You may locate your facilities anywhere in the world, but your barn's website must have a list of its facilities. Barns must have enough land and appropriate facilities to support the horses and planned activities. For more information on which facilities are required for sufficient shelter (ie. stall versus pasture board), see :link: Horses: Care of Horses. Although not required, if you plan to host a show or allow your barn to be rented for others to host shows with its facilities, you will need some sort of equipment. For more information on what facilities are required to host shows, see :link: Training & Competing: Hosting Events.


Any member may open a business at any time. Businesses are required to provide public records for all orders. A link to records must be provided on the website; the format is up to the business owner.


All associations must have rules or guidelines explaining what is acceptable for the breed or discipline.

Except for Breed & Type Advocacy Groups, associations must have some form of membership (player, horses, or both) and must host an event at least once per month. Breed & Type Advocacy groups may be given over to new ownership at the subjective review of the Admins as they do not have event hosting requirements by which to judge.

Players may open an association at any time. Associations are not required to have any facilities from Land & Lumber but may choose to purchase assets if they desire. Failure to host an event for two months (60 days) is grounds for someone else to take over ownership of the association with Admin approval.

Associations of all types should be the flagship representatives of community activity and education. Inactive associations are frowned upon and, as mentioned in Activity Requirements, may be given to new ownership. Breed & Type and Discipline associations are encouraged to have event calendars planned out. This not only prevents date confusion but it also allows collaboration with members to potentially help host shows. Breed & Type and Discipline associations are encouraged to use a standard template or set of templates for their events for ease of entering.

Year end awards are strongly recommended for all types of associations. These work especially well when point systems are used. Educational articles and initiatives are what make a sim game like On The Bit unique and valuable. While there is no stringent requirement, associations should offer “continuing education” through the creation of articles, regular interaction in the community (ie. answering questions on the forum about their focus), and even clinics.
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By Aria the Admin

Land & Lumber

:construction: After some technical difficulties, the Land & Lumber as we knew it has been lost. Please stand by as we act to resurrect this beloved aspect of OTB.
Land & Lumber is the game-owned real estate business in On The Bit. Members may purchase from the Land & Lumber (L&L) at any time. To see your purchases made prior to 2017/01/12, see :link: the old L&L.

For more information on which facilities are required for sufficient shelter (ie. stall versus pasture board), see :link: Horses: Care of Horses.
For more information on which facilities are required for hosting shows, see :link: Training & Competing: Hosting Events.

Entrepreneur Discount

Entrepreneurs receive a 50% discount at L&L. To use this discount, simply send your check to the OTB Humane Society for half of the amount in your cart and make a note in your check memo in the Bank.

Selling Facilities

Change your mind? Facilities purchased from Land & Lumber may be sold back to Land & Lumber at 50% of the purchase price by contacting one of the admin. This excludes facilities you purchased from another member, from an auction, or from an estate sale.

You can also sell your purchased facilities to other members! Again, this excludes facilities purchased from other members or from estate sales and auctions.
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By Aria the Admin

Establishment Finances

Public and private barns both use the bank account of the player with primary ownership.

Associations receive their own bank accounts and have a starting balance of $50,000.
Businesses receive their own bank accounts and have a starting balance of $0.

For more information on paying yourself a salary from your business, see :link: Members: Finances.
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By Aria the Admin


Once approved, establishments may change their name, location and design without prior approval. Minor adjustments such as swapping out images or rewriting a small paragraph or two, for example, are also allowed. Just be sure to PM @Aria the admin (or tag her in an announcement that contains this new information) to update your establishment should the name or URL change.

If you are closing a stable in favor of opening another new one, please PM @Aria the admin.

Members may purchase additional facilities from the Land & Lumber at any time without additional approval.
For more information on selling back to the Land & Lumber, see Establishments: Land & Lumber.
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