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By Aria the Admin


All horses must be trained to compete under saddle.
Horses may only be trained in and compete in one discipline at a time.
Horses may only be trained in a discipline if their age meets or exceed that of the discipline's lowest age requirement. Horses may be trained in December prior to being old enough to compete in their chosen discipline. For racehorses, this means they may be trained in December of their yearling year and may begin competing after January 1. For dressage horses, this means they may be trained in December of their two-year old year and may begin competing after January 1. All disciplines may taken advantage of "December" training provided the horse does not begin showing until January 1.
Retraining can be initiated at any time and after retraining, horses may only compete in their new discipline (until retrained again).
For more information on the current disciplines of On the Bit, check out the :link: Disicplines Guide.

Who Needs a Trainer and How to Find One

Unless you :link: created an already trained horse, your horse will require initial training before they can compete in anything but in-hand classes. To hire a trainer, first look at the :link: Who Trains in What thread. Once you've chosen a trainer, follow the :link: How to Post a Training Agreement on the Training Agreements forum. Like horses being bred, the licensed Trainer is expected to provide a stall for the two-week duration of training.
If there is no one training horses in the discipline you're interested in, have no fear!

The OTB Trainer

is a game-run trainer available for use to all members. We like to call him Otto! In order to request a training session with Otto, you must meet one of the two following requirements:
  • If the discipline you want your horse trained in does not have any active trainers at the time.
  • If you have contacted active trainers and have not heard back after 7 days.
If you meet one of those requirements, you can follow the instructions on the :link: How to Use the On The Bit Trainer.
If/when the trainer approves your request, your horse will be assigned a training start and end date. All types of training require two weeks. It is the horse owner’s responsibility to update their horse (via the edit button found on the horse's page) when their horse completes training. You may begin showing your horse the day after his two weeks of initial or retraining training are complete, and you may also enter shows in advance that run after his training period.

Types of Training

There are three types of training in On The Bit: initial, placing and retraining.

Initial training

is done on a newly created or bred horse. Before a horse may compete, he must complete two weeks of initial training. For more information on how initial training works, see Who Needs a Trainer.

Place training

is done on an already trained horse. Your horse may compete during place training, which takes two weeks as well. After the two weeks is up, your horse will have two “places” (equivalent to 1st) added to his record. Horses can only be “place trained” once during any calendar month (e.g. November 1st - 30th). For more information on places and advancement, see Training & Competing: Advancement.
:racehorse: Due to the nature of its unique advancement system, Flat Racing does not allow place training for its competitors. For more information, see :link: Disciplines: Flat Racing.


can be done on any already trained horse. You guessed it – retraining requires two weeks. During the retraining period, you can continue to show your horse in their current discipline if you want but after the two weeks is up, your horse may only compete in their new discipline until retrained again.

If a horse returns to a previous discipline, they must start at one of the starting levels again and progress as normal.
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By Aria the Admin

Rules for Showing and Racing

Rest Periods

Show horses must rest one day in between events.
All racehorses (including endurance racers) must rest four days in between events.

In this case, a horse may enter a show that overlaps with another show they are competing in if the days of their classes and/or races do not overlap and there is a day of rest between.

Number of Classes

Show horses may compete in up to eight classes per day of a show with up to four being strenuous.
All racehorses (including endurance racers) may only run in one race division per event.


Thoroughbred and stock racers must retire or be retrained by age 9.
Arabian racers (non-endurance) must retire or be retrained by age 11.
Show horses and endurance racers must retire from strenuous classes by age 18.
At the age of 21, horses must retire from all ridden competition.
Strenuous classes are outlined in the :link: Disciplines Guide.
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By Aria the Admin


Most disciplines use the following rule: horses must “place” 1st, 2nd or 3rd at their current level at least ten times to advance to the next level. Overall placements do NOT count towards advancement. Owners may choose to supplement their horse’s number of placements by using place training. For more information on place training, see :link: Training: Types of Training.

When your horse collects enough places to advance, simply start entering them in the next chronological level. We use the honor system and conduct periodic checks of entries. Bear in mind that many disciplines also have age requirements with each level - in some cases, you will either have to speed age your horse or wait until the following year to move up.
Which classes count for advancement varies from discipline to discipline. We have done our best to cover all available classes for each discipline in the :link: Disciplines Guide. When in doubt, do not count it.
Disciplines that are an excetion to this rule will have their unique advancement rules outlined in their section of the :link: Disciplines Guide.

When is Advancement Required

Horses may show at levels below their current qualified level but never above. In some limited cases, horses may be required to advance to the next level in their chosen discipline. For instance, in flat racing, only horses who have never won a race may run in a maiden race. After winning their first race, a racehorse must compete in at least an allowance level race.

Additionally, hunters can only show in certain divisions during their first year of showing before they are ineligible and therefore forced to move on. However, this does not necessarily mean the horse must jump higher depending on the classes you enter them in.
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By Aria the Admin

Hosting Events

So you want to host a show or race in On the Bit? Great! Player-hosted competitions are a huge part of the game's success. By following this guide, you give your event the best shot at being approved quickly so you can start accepting entries and making a little extra cash.
A racetrack is required to host race meets.
A steeplechase course is required to host steeplechases.
20 acres are required to host cross-country (eventing phase) events.
40 acres are required to host endurance races and TREC compeitions.
A show arena is required for any other type of riding, driving, or halter shows.

Stalls are not required for visiting horses when hosting shows or races.

Hosting 101

Any player may host an event at any time in On the Bit.

If you do not own a stable with adequate facilities to host the type of event you're planning, you can ask to borrow someone else’s facilities or use an available show grounds business. No two events can be hosted at the same facility on the same day so be sure to check the calendar.

Space those events out!

Show horses must rest one day in between events. Racehorses must rest four days. Keep this in mind when planning your show or race - you won't want to overlap with another show that caters to the same discipline. Please note that, on the calendar, show approvers factor in a rest day before the show. For example, if a show spans from Tuesday to Wednesday on the calendar, it runs on Wednesday but the Tuesday will be marked out to indicate it as a rest day.

Entries must close on or before the last running day of the show.

If entries need to be extended past the show’s run date, the host is welcome to offer a brief extension and post the show at a later date. However, to avoid conflicting shows, the show’s run date will stay the same despite results being posted at a later time.

Please allow at least two weeks but no more than 60 days for players to enter your event before your run date.

Plan your dates accordingly to allow entries enough time to get organized. Show hosts may close entries up to one week but no less than midnight before the event’s run date. If you need multiple days to run results, you are advised to close entries earlier. Shows may not be posted for approval more than 60 days in advance of the run date.

All classes must have at least five entries to be run; all results must be randomized.

If a class or race has four or less entries, it is your responsibility as the event host to either combine classes (where appropriate), use ghost entries or cancel the under-filled classes. For more information on ghost horses, see below.

Please see below for the list of randomizers we recommend. If we suspect any cheating or doctoring of results, you run the risk of being expelled from On the Bit permanently.

On the Bit does not require riders or scores in results; however, as the event host, you may choose to require riders or provide scores.

Please be sure to specify the exact format you want entries in. See how other shows in your discipline(s) have asked for entering in the past; players appreciate consistent entering formats.

Regarding scores, it is highly recommended that both dressage shows and eventing events include scores as we have preferred randomizers that automatically compute them. If you are hosting an eventing event, you are required to include all three phases (dressage, cross country, show jumping).
Please note that you can only collect an Achievement for hosting your event after you have posted results on time. You may not claim an Achievement for results that were overdue two weeks or more.

Critical Thinking Before Hosting

We recommend asking yourself the following questions before posting an event for approval:
  • If you don't have time to carefully think about your event details before posting, you probably don't have time to carefully run the results.
  • Do your entry fees reflect the amount of prize money you will offer winners? Eventually, players won't want to enter shows that routinely empty their pockets.
  • How much thought did you put into your classlist? Consider the amount of divisions you're offering in relation to the number of entries you anticipate. Are you giving entries a worthwhile event for their time and money?
  • When in doubt, include more detail. Be as specific as possible when creating your classlist. For example, are you requiring riders? Will you calculate champions of divisions?
  • Have you considered showing limits? Horses many only participate in 8 classes per day, with up to 4 being strenuous.

Posting an Event for Approval

Post your event on the :link: Pending Shows sub-board -- be sure to include its discipline prefix/s (beside the subject line), if they're available. When it is approved, a Show Coordinator will move it to to the top-level of Events to allow entries and add it to the Event Calendar. Your show must include the following information:
  • SUBJECT: MM/DD - Event Name
    where the date is when entries close
    Code: Select all
    Event Name
    Host Name & Host Facility
    Run Date - results should be posted within one week of this date
    Date Entries Close - must be before the show's run date but at least two weeks after posting (PLEASE include this in the post subject also)
    Entry Fees - include who they should pay
    Entry Format - specify how you want players entering their horses
    The Classlist or Racecard

Ghost Horses

Ghost horses are “filler” participants used by show hosts for classes that have less than five entries. If a class has less than five entries, the host can either combine that class with another class (within reason), cancel the class or add in ghost horses before running results. Ghost horses are named something akin to “Ghost Horse 1, Ghost Horse 2, etc.” to avoid being confused with horses actually registered with the game.
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By Aria the Admin


So your show has been approved, you've accepted and compiled your entries, and you've checked to make sure no one is breaking any rules by entering. Now it's time to run your results!

Preferred Randomizers

:link: Willa’s Sim Randomizers :star: new URL!
:link: Raine’s Sim Randomizers

Posting Results on Time

If at all possible, On the Bit strongly recommends you post results within one week of your event's run date. Results that are over two weeks late will result in penalties, including being unable to claim achievements for that event and:
  • After the first offense, you will be fined $1,000 and temporarily suspended from hosting shows for one month. Any approved shows you are hosting with open entries must be run within one week of the run date. Failure to comply results in additional offenses.
  • After the second offense, you will be fined $5,000 and temporarily suspended from hosting shows for two months. Any approved shows you are hosting with open entries must be run within one week of the run date. Failure to comply results in additional offenses.
  • After the third offense, you will be fined $10,000 and temporarily suspended from hosting shows for six months. Any approved shows you are hosting with open entries will be run by Admins or a Show Coordinator.
As the show host, it is your responsibility to make sure that you correct any incorrect entry formats before running your show. Using a preferred randomizer greatly reduces the risk of error.

Association owners should be exemplary show hosts. While owners still have the two week grace period to post results, we strongly recommend you post them within one week (7 days). If you are unable to post show results on time, you are hurting your membership body. If you are concerned about being unable to run a show on time - in advance - please contact an Admin and we can discuss moving your shows date, help with hosting results, or other opportunities to avoid penalty. Failure to contact us before the show runs will result in the penalty. Members are offered the same assistance.

How to Run Results

Before you start running results, if your show used a copy & paste entry method, do a quick double check that no member's entries were skipped. Remember, no class may run with less than 5 entries and classes with many entries (roughly 10 or more) may be split at your discretion. We recommend replying to your show’s entry thread that the event is closed prior to running results.

Using a preferred randomizer all but guarantees your results will be in the appropriate format. That being said, we would like to strongly advise keeping show results simple (e.g., what is outputted from the randomizer). If you wish to include additional formatting or commentary, we recommend including at the top or bottom of your results thread to make for easy record collection for owners. We understand you want your thread to be beautiful and professional which is why we strongly encourage embellishing your shows entry thread but recommend simplicity for the results themselves.

Additionally, we recommend including a date for when prize money (if any) must be collected by. This helps show owners stay organized and also prevents a 6 month old event being resurrected.

When posting your results thread, you must include the following at the top of your thread:
Code: Select all
[b]Show Name:[/b]
[b]Show Host: [/b] Full Player Name [ incl. Association if applicable]
[b]Show Date:[/b] YYYY/MM/DD - YYYY/MM/DD
:new: Be sure to include its discipline prefix/s (beside the subject line), if they're available -- just like you did when posting your event for approval.

Paying Out Winnings

If your show offered prize money, you must pay out winnings by three weeks from run date or all event entry fee checks will be voided (aka the show will have been free).

If you have not been paid winnings before three weeks is up, If at all possible, just contact the show host to nudge them. Sometimes people get busy or accidentally forget. The same rule applies to collecting winnings - owners must post to collect winnings within three weeks. This rule was put into effect 1/26/16 and was not enforced retroactively beyond 11/27/15 (60 days).

Finding Your Horse’s Results

To look up your horse’s results, we recommend using the :link: Advanced Search feature on the forum. Input your horse’s name in quotation marks where it says “Search for keywords”. Under “Search in forums”, scroll to the bottom of the dropdown list and select the years you are looking for under Winner’s Circle. Choose Display results as: Posts. Under “Sort results by”, choose by Topic title as all event thread topic titles will be dated first. Hit Search and viola!

How you keep your horse’s show record is up to you. The majority of members use Google Sheets. Aria offers :link: her show template for free to all members. To use the template, go to File > Make a Copy.
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By Aria the Admin

Entering Events

Horses must be trained to enter all but in-hand events. Always remember to double check that you are not over-showing your horse.

Read the event’s rules.

Most events ask for cumulatively entering which means you will be copying and pasting the list of entries directly before yours. If there are no entries yet, you will be copying/pasting the entire classlist. Do not delete classes you are not entering. Furthermore, double check the event’s entry format: some events ask for riders and others do not. It is always courteous to bold your entries to make it easy for the show host to see at a glance who entered what horse when.

Be careful when entering.

To post your entries, reply to the event thread with “Entering.” This serves as a placeholder so other members are not entering at the same time as you. You should edit this post with your entries within the next few minutes to avoid confusion. If the rules ask that you enter cumulatively, we recommend using Quick Reply to post that you’re entering, go to the post, and scroll just a tiny bit up to ensure you’re copying the previous person’s entries.
It is strongly recommended that you use the entries BBcode when entering shows. This will create a scrollable box that auto-selects everything between the tags when the box is clicked on.

Pay for your entry fees.

It is courteous to do so immediately after posting your entries. Failure to pay for your entry fees allows the show host to scratch your horses without notice. Association owners may choose to not pay entry fees to their own events as long as they are not collecting any prize money.

You might want some riders.

Riders are not required at shows in On The Bit unless specifically designated by the show host. Usually, if an association doesn't ask for them, people hosting shows for that discipline won't either.
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By Aria the Admin

The On The Bit Games

The On The Bit Games are hosted every summer by the Admins. These are meant to be as prestigious as real-life Olympics, World Equestrian Games or other world championship stage. The list of disciplines for each year’s games is determined by the participating associations. Discipline-based associations are eligible for including in the Games if they:
  • Have at least three owners actively competing
  • Have a leaderboard (spreadsheet or web application) to use for qualification
Horses that qualify are divided into groups based on their owner's Team. Teams will then select their final competitors as a group on their (private) forums. It is up to the Teams how they would like to conduct their selection process. Ultimately, you need to come up with a list of no more than five horses per discipline. For more information on Teams, see :link: Members: Teams.
:construction: This Game Guide is under construction.
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By Aria the Admin

Points & Titles

On January 1, 2019, all show records in OTB "rebooted" meaning that they any shows prior to that date are listed as a prior accomplishment separate from the horse's current record. Horses were allowed to keep their current level based on advancement. For shows that ran on or after that date, horses earn points towards gamewide titles. Points are awarded for all classes including overall phases of eventing and combined driving. Points are not awarded retroactively for shows before said date.


1st30 points
2nd27 points
3rd24 points
4th21 points
5th18 points
6th15 points


500 pointsChampion Ch.
1,000 pointsGrand Champion GCh.
2,000 pointsNational Champion NCh.
5,000 pointsContinental Champion CCh.
7,000 pointsWorld Champion WCh.
10,000 pointsUniversal Champion UCh.
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