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Terms of Service

By submitting this form, you recognize that you are not guaranteed membership in On The Bit. You agree to submit to the authority of the administrators and the rules of the game. Playing the game is a privilege subject to the judgement of the administrators. You agree that you will not plagiarize the work of others – including ideas within the game.

On The Bit is open minded to member ingenuity and feedback. Surveys and discussions are common to encourage continuous improvement of the game. Do not abuse this spirit by change mongering. Be respectful of the opinions and decisions of the administrators and other members.

The internet allows a lot of anonymity but if you are a jerk, you will take your leave. Playing should not give anyone heartburn. No one likes a bully or drama llama.

While most members are 18 years or older, players as young as 16 years old are welcome to join. Keep all public conversation PG-rated.


How long does it take to hear if I’ve been accepted?
Most joining forms are reviewed and approved in 48 hours. You may email onthebitsim[at]gmail dot com if more time has elapsed.
Will I get a response if I am not accepted?
What can I do in the meantime?
The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the game guides. You may begin playing the game after you’ve received your acceptance letter and posted your introduction on the forum.
Should I sign up for the forum yet?
Please wait until you receive an acceptance email to make a forum account. While you will use your full name to login to the OTB website, you should register on the forum with just your first name.
I have been accepted. What now?
Your acceptance email should clearly explain your next steps.

One of us!

Please note, if you have previously played On The Bit, you must rejoin with a new name. If you are joining for the first time, please apply with a fake first and last name.

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Returning player? Tell us your previous names! Leave blank if this is your first joining application for On the Bit.
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