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Request a Breeding

Submitting this multi-stage form will request a breeding for the breeding sponsor to approve. The stallion or mare owner can cancel the request before it is approved by the sponsor.
When the breeding is approved, the gestation period begins and the foal is automatically added to the Mares in Foal page. You should manually send any breeding and sponsorship fees at this time.
At the end of the gestation period, the foal will automatically be registered in the name of the Owner at Birth. They will also be charged the creation credit at this time.

Only stallions, mares and geldings with straws who are listed as Available for Breeding may be used. Mares who have a pending breeding request or are in foal without a surrogate may not be used. This form will stop you if these conditions are not met.

Stage One: Selecting Parents

Sire ID# Dam ID#